Annual Meeting of Electors 

Don’t forget the annual meeting of electors is due to take place on March 18th at 7pm,  the agenda will be issued shortly which will include the link to join the meeting.  We hope you will join us to find out what we have been doing for the past year. 

If you have a question to put to the meeting please email it to the clerk at

The Parish Council covers the communities of Earnley, Almodington, Batchmere and Somerley.  The Parish has just over 400 registered electors and is situated about six miles south of Chichester on the coast of Sussex.

The Parish Council exists to serve the community from which it is elected.  Whilst the Council has limited powers, the Council is able to influence decisions that affect YOU.  The Council is there to represent the Parish on matters such as planning, highways and drainage.  The Parish Council welcomes the views of the Parishioners at any time and particularly at Parish Council Meetings.