Environmental Information Reporting Form

The Parish Council are trying to build a database of environmental issues that affect the parish.  We hope that this evidence will help us build a comprehensive picture of the current vulnerabilities in the parish and help us to more effectively lobby the relevant statutory organisations for improvement and change.

If you have any photographic evidence please can you submit it via email

Chichester District Council Local Plan

Chichester District Council has now submitted its plan for examination following a significant amount of work required to address both regulation 19 representations and other changing circumstances.

It is a very significant milestone in the process to getting a new Local Plan in place so that the District Council can better control and direct the development that will occur in the Chichester Plan Area.

The District Council have set up a website at https://www.chichester.gov.uk/localplanexamination  whereby you can keep updated as to the progression of the examination of the Plan and view the Council’s submission documents.

The Parish Council covers the communities of Earnley, Almodington, Batchmere and Somerley.  The Parish has just over 400 registered electors and is situated about six miles south of Chichester on the coast of Sussex.

The Parish Council exists to serve the community from which it is elected.  Whilst the Council has limited powers, the Council is able to influence decisions that affect YOU.  The Council is there to represent the Parish on matters such as planning, highways and drainage.  The Parish Council welcomes the views of the Parishioners at any time and particularly at Parish Council Meetings.

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