Schedule of Meetings

The Parish Council holds six ordinary meetings throughout the year.  In addition there are three committees which meet at varying intervals throughout the year.

In this section you can view past Agendas and Minutes and view dates and Agendas for upcoming meetings by clicking on the links in the tables below.  Please note that all minutes are in draft form until approved by the Council at the subsequent Parish Council meeting.

Planning Committee Meetings will commence at 18.45 at Bracklesham Barn unless advertised to the contrary. Full Council will commence at 19.15 or immediately following the Planning Committee

You are browsing Agendas and Minutes for the year 2022

Meeting DateMeeting TitleAgendaMinutesSupporting Papers
Mon 24th Jan, 2022Parish Council Meeting Download Download Agenda item 03.22 (5.1) Scheme of Delegation
 Agenda Item 03.22 (5.2) Financial Regulations
 Agenda Item 03.22 (6) Adoption & management of open spaces associated with new developments
 Agenda Item 11.11 (4) Report on proposed reduction of speed on A286 & B2179
 Agenda Item 13.22 (2) Payment Schedule
 Agenda Item 13.22 (3) Financial Statements
 Agenda Item 13.22 (4) Interim Audit Report
 Agenda Item 13.22 (7) Grant Applications
 Agenda Item 13.22 (8.2) Budget & Reserves
 Agenda Item 09.22(1) Parish Plan
Mon 28th Mar, 2022Parish Council Meeting Download Download Agenda Item 28.22(2) Payment Schedule
 Agenda Item 28.22(3) Financial Statements
 Agenda Item 28.22(4) End of year virements
 Agenda Item 25.22(6) RSPB Medmerry Management Plan
Mon 23rd May, 2022Parish Council Meeting – Annual General Meeting Download Download Agenda Item 40.22(7) standing orders
 Agenda Item 40.22(7) procurement legal topic note
 Agenda Item 46.22(2) Payment Schedule
 Agenda Item 46.22(4) Financial Statements
 Agenda Item 46.22(7) Internal Audit Report
 Agenda Item 46.22(8) Annual Internal Audit Report
 Agenda Item 46.22(9) Annual Governance Statement
 Agenda Item 46.22(10) Accounting Statement
 Agenda Item 46.22(11) Information to be submitted
 Agenda Item 46.22(12) Notice of public rights
 Agenda Item 46.22(13) End of year accounts
 Agenda Item 46.22(19) Direct Debit Payment Schedule
 Agenda Item 46.22(21) Financial Risk Assessment
Mon 25th Jul, 2022Parish Council Meeting Download Download (Unconfirmed) Agenda Item 63.11(5) Manhood Peninsula Cycling & Walking Strategy and Little Holland Pilot Project
 Agenda Item 64.22(2) Payment Schedules
 Agenda Item 64.22(3) Financial Statements
Mon 26th Sep, 2022Parish Council Meeting DownloadMinutes Civility & Respect Pledge
 Dignity At Work Policy
 Agenda Item 79.22(2) Payment Schedule
 Agenda Item 19.22(3) Financial Statements
Mon 28th Nov, 2022Parish Council MeetingAgendaMinutes