Almodington Flood Relief: Newsletter No.1

We are pleased to announce that approval has just been given for some major flood relief works to commence in Almodington in February 2015.  Phase One of the project will involve works on the Grange Rife, which runs from just north of First Avenue to the new outflow at Medmerry.  Work will start at the downstream end and work upstream and will include the following works:

  • Digging out the existing Grange Rife and clearing blockages
  • Re-grading the Rife so that faster water flow is facilitated
  • Removing culverts that are impeding water flow
  • Replacing culverts that are damaged or of limited capacity
  • Jetting of existing culverts that are to be retained.

The work will be carried out and funded by the Environment Agency (EA).  Because the Grange Rife is legally a main river, the EA have responsibility, although their powers are only “permissive”, that is to say they do not have to do the work.  The ultimate responsible lies with the “riparian owner”, meaning the owner of the land through which the Grange Rife flows.  If the Rife forms the boundary between two properties then the two owners share the responsibility for maintenance.  Because of the history of flooding and the clear benefit to the whole community, on this occasion the EA have decided to fund and manage the whole project.

The Birdham & Earnley Flood Prevention Group (FPG) have received a sizeable sum of money from the County Council’s Operation Watershed fund and the plan is to use this money to divert some of the water that currently flows in the Grange Rife away from Almodington Village and the lanes that run through it.  This will form Phase Two of the project.  Nothing is certain yet because we are awaiting the results of studies to be carried out by the EA.  Watch this space!

All the landowners directly affected by Phase One have been personally contacted by members of the FPG.  They will shortly be receiving a formal letter of notification from the EA.

If you have any queries or want to discuss the matter further, please contact either:

Robert Carey, Chairman of the Birdham & Earnley Flood Prevention Group –

Andries de Vaal, Chairman of The Almodington Association (TAA) –

The members of the FPG and the TAA will work closely with all residents affected to ensure that disruption is kept to a minimum and that we achieve a successful outcome.