Sewage Issues – Newsletter amendment

The Parish Council is working with the local District and County Councillors to resolve the many issues relating to the inadequacies of the local sewage network served by the Sidlesham Water Treatment Works. District Councillor Graeme Barrett has registered a formal complaint to the Consumer Council for Water. Local Councillors and Chichester District Council Officers have also met with representatives from Southern Water.

To support the work currently being undertaken by local Councillors on your behalf, residents and businesses in the Parish are requested to provide a catalogue of incidents affecting your properties and businesses over the past couple of years. With this evidence, a clear case can be put to Southern Water from which remedial action can be planned and taken, thus safeguarding your properties in the future.

The problems being experienced by Earnley residents are similar to those of residents in the adjoining Parishes of Birdham, East Wittering/Bracklesham and West Wittering, those served by the Western Sector of the network.

It would be greatly appreciated if you could, as soon as possible, provide examples of incidents affecting your homes or businesses to Southern Water Customer Services   and copy to Consumer Council for Water referencing Incident Reference Number 140103-000019.