A27 Consultation

As you maybe aware consultation on the proposed improvements to the A27 are due to commence in the Spring, although no date has been made available as yet.  The consultation will last for seven weeks.  The parish council has been campaigning to ensure that a public exhibition takes place on the Manhood Peninsula and although we have been advised that an exhibition will take place we have as yet to have been advised of the date and location.

Information is available at Highways England where you can also sign up for a newsletter.

There are several campaign groups in place Best 4 Chichester is in favour of a north route and the Chichester Deserves Better  are against the new northern by pass.

Although plans of the proposed routes have been leaked to the media the Parish Council has not formed any view until the official papers are released to ensure that we are forming our view on the correct information.

Currently the proposed date for actual work to commence is March 2019.