Christmas Food Bank Collection

Chichester Food Bank desperately needs your help…..

We know it is a very expensive time of year for everyone but are you able to provide a donation that we can deliver to the Chichester Food Bank for those people that are having a difficult time.

The Food Bank urgently needs:

  • Pasta Sauce
  • Tinned fruit
  • Tinned meat (stewing steak, ham, stews etc)
  • Jam
  • UHT Milk
  • Tinned veg (carrots, peas, mixed veg etc)
  • Potatoes (tinned or Smash)
  • Rice pudding/custard
  • Sponge puddings
  • Biscuits/treats
  • Toilet Rolls

They have plenty of the following: Baked Beans (although my husband says you can never have enough beans!), Pasta, Tea, Soup, Fem Hygiene and nappies.

Cllr. Sandy Simpson will be collecting donations on 17th December between 4pm – 6pm so if you are able to make a donation please can you email her at or call her on 07387081857 to let her know so she can pop by and pick up your donation.   If you are not going to be in can you let her know where you have put your donation.

We are very grateful for any donation as it all makes a huge difference to the families that recieve the food parcels.