Earnley Parish Council adopted its existing parish plan in 2016 and this is shortly due to expire so we need your help to inform us on what is important to you and your family.

The first parish plan had seven objectives and the parish council has worked on all these objectives over the period of the existing plan, some with more success than others.

Objective 1: To ensure that people drive within the speed limits within Earnley Parish.

The parish council initially investigated speed reduction measures, but these are mostly designed for urban areas therefore most of these were discounted.  However, the Parish Council paid for the white lines to be reinstated on the various bridges in the parish to visually reduce the width of the road. 


The Parish Council got approval from West Sussex County Council for eight locations in the parish to install a speed indicator device, so the Parish Council has purchased two devices, which you will have seen around the parish (if you are interested in data and would be able to volunteer to analyse that data, please contact the clerk)

 The village gateways are to be installed in the entrance of the conservation area and plans to install further gateways at the entrances of the different villages are being investigated.

 The Parish Council initially looked at installing planters on the two triangles on Bookers Lane, however, this project was discontinued when the potential ongoing running cost became apparent.  The Parish Council then approached West Sussex County Council to investigate the planting of highway meadows; there has been a delay in this project due to issues at the County Council, but it is hoped to move this project forward this year.


Objective 2: To support appropriate housing development and land use in Earnley and to object to inappropriate housing development and land use.

The Parish Council continues to monitor housing applications in the parish and the surrounding area. The Parish Council has on several occasions engaged specialist traffic consultants to review and formulate a response to planning applications.


Objective 3: To work towards the best possible flood reduction within Earnley Parish.

A significant amount of flood prevention work has taken place in the parish over the life of the plan, some of which was tested for the first time this winter due to the wet weather and we are pleased to report that on the whole the schemes have worked as designed.  Further work is required at the junction of Bell Lane and Bookers Lane and is currently being investigated.


Objective 4: To encourage the provision of transport links that meet the needs of the residents.

The bus service to Selsey was cancelled due to West Sussex County Council withdrawing the funds due to the lack of usage.  When the Asda in Selsey opened the Parish Council tried, unfortunately without success, to try and get a shoppers’ bus service.

 New bridleways/cycle paths have been opened within the Medmerry Nature Reserve, the Parish Council continues to push for a new bridleway cycle path to connect to footpath 2 and the upgrading of footpath 2 to provide a quiet route to Bracklesham.


Objective 5: To encourage community involvement and establish community volunteer groups within all areas of Earnley Parish

The Parish Council has organised several successful community events to encourage community involvement: the bus shelter renovation project, fetes, litter picking events, tree planting on RSPB Medmerry and the connected event. 


Objective 6: To investigate the possibility of creating a parish focal point.

The Parish Council identified The Gate House at Earnley Concourse as a suitable location for a village hall and continues to push for this with the current landowner and through the planning process.


Objective 7: To liaise with the owners of Earnley Concourse to encourage the most appropriate use of the site.

The Parish Council has had meetings with the landowners and has pushed the parish council views of what is appropriate development on the site. This has to date fallen on deaf ears with the current owners.  The Parish Council has objected to the owners’ applications and had been granted permission to attend the planning appeal when it takes place.


Moving forward, Earnley Parish Council would welcome more residents becoming involved in the parish and developing a stronger community; we value your ideas and suggestions.  The second five-year plan will then be based on your ideas and concerns.  The Parish Objectives will be ongoing, reviewed regularly and added to, if necessary, over this period of time.

Many thanks for taking the time to complete the attached questionnaire. The request to complete the questionnaire has now closed and the responses have been analysed and the report was presented to council on 23rd September 2021

The information gathered from this questionnaire will help form part of the supporting documents for the next plan which will run from 2022 – 2027, this plan period could potentially see the biggest changes to the parish that have taken place in a very long time, therefore it is vitally important that we understand your concerns.

Earnley Parish Council adopted its Parish Plan on 20th April 2016 , the current plan period covers 2016-2021.  This document assist the Parish Council when considering planning applications and guides the council on the priorities of the residents.

Reference Documents 2016-2021