Earnley Parish Council plays an active part in local planning issues.  It is probably the area of the Council’s role that is best known to the community and which can be of the most importance to residents of the Parish.

The Parish Council may opt to hold pre-application and discussions with developers and applicants during the planning process, this can be a valuable exercise for both parties, the Parish Council has developed a protocol to assist all parties with the process.

If you wish to access current applications you can view them by clicking on the link below.

To view any other planning applications follow this link: http://www.chichester.gov.uk/index.cfm?articleid=5427

App. NoLocationProposal
21/01792/DOMPippins, Bookers Lane, Earnley, PO20 7JGNew front porch, two storey side extension, exterior remodelling, adjustments to main roof to include thermal upgrade with increased ridge height, dormers and new roof finish.
21/02267/FULOutbuildings South Of 102A First Avenue First Avenue BatchmereReplacement workshop building along with associated hard standing (alternative scheme to that approved under application 21/00865/FUL).
21/02388/TCASandalwood, Manor Farm Barns, Clappers Lane, Earnley, Chichester, West Sussex, PO20
Notification of intention to crown reduce by 40% (back to previous pollard points) on 3 no.
Poplar trees (quoted as T1-T3). Pollard down to 9m (approx. 50%) on 3 no. Willow trees (quoted as T4-T6).
Crown reduce by 20% (approx. 3m) on 1 no. Poplar tree (T7).
21/02343/ELDTykes Farm Barn , Somerley Lane, Earnley, East Wittering, PO20 7JBExisting lawful development certificate for the insertion of various windows to facilitate two
additional bedrooms at first floor.
21/02109/PNO3RLand South Of 101/102 First Avenue First Avenue Change of Use of Agricultural Buildings to a flexible use within Shops (Class A1), Financial and Professional Services (Class A2), Restaurants and Cafes (Class A3), Business (Class B1), Storage or Distribution (Class B8), Hotels (Class C1) or Assembly and Leisure (Class D2).
21/01830/OUTLand off Main Road BirdhamOutline planning application for up to 150 dwellings (including 30% affordable housing) with community park, public open space, landscaping and sustainable drainage system (SuDS) and vehicular access point. All matters reserved except for means of access.
21/02175/TCAEarnley Place Clappers Lane Earnley PO20 7JLNotification of intention to reduce width on south sector by 1m. Reduce height by up to 2.5m to 1m above split in main stem. Reduce lateral spread of remaining crown by up to 2m. Reduce 1 no. east limb over outhouse and wall by up to 3m on 1 no. Mulberry tree (T1). Fell 1 no. Goat willow tree (T2), 1 no. Horse chestnut tree (T4) and 1 no. Ash leaf maple tree (T9). Insert 1 or 2 props in ground to allow stabilisation of tree on 1 no. Quince tree (T5). Crown reduce by up to 1m on (all round) on 1 no. Medlar Tree (T6). Reduce lateral spread on east sector by 1.5m on 1 no. Horse chestnut tree (T7). Crown lift sub-lateral branches (all round) to a height of up to 2.5m above ground level on 1 no. Blue Atlantic Cedar tree (T8). Crown thin by 15% on 1 no. Norway maple tree (T10). Crown thin by up to 20%. Crown lift over the east and north walls up to 1m above top of wall. Crown lift south sector over lawn only to 2m above ground level on 1 no. Ash leaf maple tree (T11).
21/01669/DOMThatched Cottage Somerley Lane Earnley PO20 7JBAmendments and extension to link building
21/01670/LBCThatched Cottage Somerley Lane Earnley PO20 7JBAmendments and extension to link building
21/00817/DOMMilburn Cottage, Clappers Lane, Earnley, P020 7JJRear and first floor extension.
21/00969/DOMEarnley Place Clappers Lane Earnley PO20 7JLErection of closeboard fence, retrospective
21/01850/DOMManor Farmhouse, Clappers Lane, Earnley, PO20 7JLRemoval of existing conservatory and erection of replacement glazed garden room.
Installation of 2no. solar thermal panels to existing Southern roof face.
21/01283/DOMNapier House, First Avenue, Almodington, Earnley, PO20 7LPErection of an oak framed garage and store extension to existing building with accommodation above
21/01171/DOMPigeon Mead House Earnley Manor Close Earnley PO20 7JQProposed single storey side extension to form annexe.
21/01376/OUTLand West Of Bracklesham Lane Bracklesham PO20 8SROutline Application (with all matter reserved accept Access) for the development of up to 65 no. dwellings and associated access, open space, ponds, footpath and cycleway.
21/01466/ELDTykes Farm Barn, Somerley Lane, Earnley, PO20 7JBErection of 2 no. outbuildings comprising of a garage and workshop
21/01426/LBCThe Hermitage, Batchmere Road, Almodington, PO20 7LDDemolition of existing timber garage, sheds and greenhouse and replacement with one
building combining all elements
21/01311/TCAEarnley Forge, Bell Lane, Earnley, PO20 7HZNotification of intention to remove eastern stem (leaning onto outbuilding) on 1 no. Lombardy
Poplar tree (quoted as T4)
21/00813FULPoplars Farmhouse Batchmere Road Almodington Earnley PO20 7LDInternal adaptations, fenestration changes and demolition of existing store and link structure , to be replaced with a glazed link extension.
21/00814/LBCPoplars Farmhouse Batchmere Road Almodington Earnley PO20 7LDInternal adaptations, fenestration changes and demolition of existing store and link structure , to be replaced with a glazed link extension.
21/00865/FULLand South Of 102A First Avenue, First Avenue, Almodington.Replacement workshop building (B1(c) use class) along with associated hard standing
21/01240/TCAHedgehog Hall Bell Lane Earnley PO20 7JDNotification of intention to prune by 3m and reduce crown by 3m on 1 no. Box Elder tree (quoted as 1), 1 no. Beech tree (quoted as 2) and 1 no. Chestnut tree (quoted as 3).
21/0119/FUL113 Second Avenue Almodington Earnley PO20 7LFErection of 2 no. 3 bed bungalows - alternative to planning permission - E/18/00578/FUL for change of use to 2 no. dwellings and external works.
21/00746/DOM102 First Avenue, Almodington, Earnley, PO20 7LQFirst floor rear extension
EWB/21/0109/EIALand at Stubcroft Farm Wessex Avenue East Wittering EIA Screening Opinion in response to development of up to 320 no. residential dwellings along with public open space and new means of vehicular access onto Church Road.
WSCC/011/21Ford Circular Technology Park, Ford Road, Ford BN18 0XLDemolition of existing buildings and structures and construction and operation of an energy recovery facility and a waste sorting and transfer facility for treatment of municipal, commercial and industrial wastes, including ancillary buildings, structures, parking, hardstanding, and landscape works
21/00802/FULLittlebrook Nursery 94A First Avenue Almodington Batchmere Chichester West Sussex PO20 7LQStorage of 1 no. agricultural seasonal workers accommodation out of season
21/00801/FULLittlebrook Nursery 94A First Avenue Almodington Batchmere Chichester West Sussex PO20 7LQChange of use of land for storage of seasonal workers mobile home for periods outside of the agricultural season (Variation of condition 2 of planning permission E/16/00217/FUL - dates of no habitable occupation amended to be between 1st November and 31st December).
21/00548/FULRivendell , 101A First Avenue, Almodington, Earnley, PO20 7LQDemolition of existing agricultural building and erection of 1 no. 1 bed dwelling (inc solar
panels on roof) - alternative to Class Q approval E/20/02385/PA3Q. (resubmission of E/20/03285/FUL)
21/00118/DOMBlackthorn Barn 101B First Avenue Almodington EarnleyRaise roof height by 1.8m to provide rooms in roof
21/00213/FULAlmodington Nurseries Batchmere Road Almodington Earnley PO20 7LGProposed Change of Use of an existing agricultural building to 3 no. dwellinghouses (Use Class C3), and erection of pitched roof over flat roof lean-to part of building - Alternative to Part 3, Class Q Prior Approval E/17/01189/PA3Q - Variation of Condition 2 on planning permisison E/17/02910/FUL - to enable porches to be added to each front door amending approved drawing 5A to 5B.
20/03289/FULEarnley Gardens , Almodington Lane, Almodington, PO20 7JRDemolition of existing property (buildings 1-13) and construction of 5 no. dwellings with
ancillary garages and live/work accommodation
20/02866/FULLand West Of Earnley Concourse, Clappers Lane, Earnley, PO20
Change of use of land for the keeping of horses, creation of hard standing area to park a
horse box and cars. Remove existing horse shelter and replace with 3 no. stables, a hay barn and a tack
shed on a permanent base
20/02236/OUTEarnley Concourse Clappers Lane Earnley PO20 7JNDemolition of Earnley Concourse buildings, Elm Lodge and the Ranch House and replacement with residential development (Class C3) together with the retention of the facade of Gate Cottage and the change of use of Earnley Place from adult education centre (Class C2) to Class C3 residential use, with associated access (including the reinstatement of the original drive to Earnley Place), landscaping, open space and drainage infrastructure at land off Drove Lane, Earnley. All matters are reserved save for access.